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This website is run and maintained by George Wong.

While is a subsite of its parent (, I the webmaster, George Wong, take all responsibility for everything posted in the /gnw directory. To contact me regarding any of the content found on this website, please use the contact information and links on the navigational bar to the right.

The main purpose of this website is to be an information repository of various and generally disjoint topics. Most of what is published here can be classified as articles written entirely by me and thus completely my own work. These articles and the information within them can be used in any manner of the reader's choice, though I would kindly ask that you cite me if you do choose to use my work.

Some articles, however, are my notes from attended lectures, seminars, and readings; I do my best to cite the sources from which these notes come. Unfortunately, these articles may NOT be used by the reader for anything other than the purpose of information gathering. I would prefer you not refer to these works in any of your own publications, as they are not of my own creation. These articles are always designated with some not-my-own marking. Thank you for your understanding.

Further, due to the nature of any information provided in the "archive" section of this website, I have decided to retain distributive rights over the material. If you wish to use it, please contact with a detailed request for written permission to reference it. More likely than not, you should not want to use this information anyway: much of it is outdated (e.g. Pluto is no longer a planet); much of it is rather poorly written.

On this website, I tend to use the conventions of British punctuation and American orthography. This is due to the fact that I believe British punctuation makes a lot more sense than American (consider the American rules for placement of a question mark while quoting a source..). I am deeply sorry if this mix offends you, the reader; however, it is with what I am most comfortable. That being said, not all of the works here are guaranteed to use either British or American conventions specifically. Also, as stated before, many of the articles I publish here are copies of essays/notes for college. These are written (I hope) with standard American punctuation practices—for obvious reasons.

This website uses a shorthand mix of MLA and Chicago citation styles. This is an attempt to ensure that the reader who is accustomed to either one of the styles is not lost when reading the bibliography, and that all necessary information can be found. is copyright 2003-2013, selective rights reserved.


George Wong

I wrote my first HTML website back in 2003 on the topic of space, appropriately titled "The Amazing Space". Since then, I have made attempts to expand it to allow for the posting of articles covering all of my interests. Far from the 4th grader I was in 2003, I seem to have developed many. While I will not necessarily claim any expertise in the topics about which I write, I will claim a great passion for them. That being said, I do take pride in my work, checking and verifying it whenever and however I can. If you ever have anything to add regarding any of my posts, please do not hesitate to contact me using the information to the right. I do my best to respond to all comments and questions in a timely manner.

George Wong is currently a junior undergraduate student at New York University. He maintains this website during his free time there and uses it as a sort of storage space for his previously compiled "academic" works. He is majoring in Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science.

This website is run and maintained by George Wong. This webpage was last modified 02:10 22-Feb-14 est.
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