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It has always been somewhat of a habit of mine to save everything. At the time of this writing, I have several terabytes of data backing up everything I have ever produced on a computer. At times, this comes in handy, other times it convinces my cohabitants that I am crazy—and in reality, it's probably always a mixture of the two all of the time.

Anyway, keeping with this tradition, in this most recent rendition of my website, I am including an "archives" section, to which you have evidently found your way. Linked below are a combination of .pdf files and original .html code from the past renditions of; it should be noted that many of these pages' images and link trees are only available due to the indiscriminate services of the Wayback Machine, an effort to preserve the culture of the world wide web.

Disclaimer stuff: Each file linked below is provided as is (erm, "was"?). There is no guarantee that the information provided within them is accurate; there is no guarantee that the links work. No archive file may be used in any way without explicit, written permission given by the webmaster.

In no particular order:
The Amazing Space - The page linked here was last modified 10 October, 2003.
TAS Page on the Solar System - Last modified 8 June, 2004.
TAS Page, Acknowledgements - Last modified 18 October, 2003.
TAS Page on Black Holes - Last modified 12 May, 2004.
TAS Page, Glossary - Last Modified 12 May, 2004. - Last Modified 7 July, 2004.
gnw/pic8pro.html miscellaneous - Last Modified 11 July, 2004. homepage - Last Modified 5 February, 2008. - Last Modified 22 October, 2011.

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