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The Amazing Space

this used to be here (it's also by me)


This is a website that contains random info about all sorts of things, and in just terms, it's a website just beacuse it want's to be one. As you venture through the useless info I have up I hope you have fun! I will keep you updated on a regular about, the SAS and school projects and summer projects as well as home life. I hope you enjoy my HomePage!

July, 2004

Today I started a Summer Fame Fest in Cazenovia, Ny. It is just for this week. (7/5-9/04) To learn more click here!

June, 2004

I find out my class is making a movie called BloodRed and I'm special effects, Joey is director and Cole is co-director. The movie will be done by 2005 (I hope) June 8, 2004 my school has a chorus concert.

May, 2004

Great Comet NEAT oserving night even though I don't go! Also go down to Tully Hill with Damian to see some stars. let's observe!

October, 2003-April, 2004

SCHOOL. I have a wonderful Christmas celebration at school and at my Aunt Cathy's house in December. In February my class makes Latin America, Mobile Projects. My birthday was in March (the 31st) and my famialy comes to my house.

September, 2003

I start school at 'Onondaga Hill Middle School' as well as get my first info website up with the help of my wonderful cousin Damian who I have deep gratitude to.

August, 2003

My first SAS meeting is a mars observeing night. Mars came closer then it will come to us for a long time.

July, 2003

Past Life

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