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Somewhat Back
February 5, 2008

As the title suggests, I'm somewhat back. Let me say that highschool is very different from middleschool- well at least for me. Since the start of the year I've thus far been involved in six different music groups, Westhill Singers, Westhill Swingers, Men's Ensemble, Westhill Wind Ensemble, Westhill Jazz Lab and Westhill Percussion Ensemble. The next concert for the Westhill Percussion Ensemble is February 9 in Phoenix, NY. Beyond that during the first part of the year, I worked the sound for my school's fall play- an adaption of "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens and am now involved in the spring musical, Babes In Arms. I've started several engineering projects, however as normal I have yet to finish them. I've formulated several theories on the supposed eleven dimensional existance purposed by M-theory, none of them good of course but definately interesting topics of conversation. I intend to soon (everything's relative) upload a paper I wrote on the different dimensions and how mathematics would apply to them but don't get your hopes up for anything soon as my school work is bogging me down. Posting again soon?

Summer Starts To Look Brighter
July 17, 2007

Well! Glad to be back here writing on this again!
Ever since school ended on June 22, I'd been feeling a little ill, as the summer progressed, I got really sick. After weeks (yes unfortunately weeks) of procrastination, I went to the doctor's office where my symptoms were first diagnosed as allergies. After another week, the doctor finally agreed that I was sick with something beyond allergies and diagnosed me with pneumonia. Taking medicine until today made, and continues to make me feel better. All this time I've been working with my collogue Thomas Michaels a.k.a. Tommy on our theories for explaining the eleventh dimension. These theories and designs seem to be culminating at this time so watch for developments. I will post as much as I can- regarding the eleven dimensional theories and division by zero, on this website. Please note however that I will only be posting as much as I feel it is safe to reveal to the general public at the times of release. This is possibly a completely overly engineered plan and it is possible that we are being way overly protective of the subject material however please bear with us during this time.

Jazz Band Gig
June 3, 2007

My school's Jazz Band, unformally known as the OHMS Jazz Band, had a gig down in Skaneatales. We don't have too big of a band, about twenty people of which I'm the sole keyboard player. I'm also part of another band, which really doesn't exist beyond name, the Renowned Sound. Anyway, we played outside in a gazebo-like thing right on the lake front. We played about five songs, of which I don't remember but anyway, we ended up having an overall good time. That's about all that I remember considering that it's now June 24 that I'm writing this.

MOST Sponsored "Rocket Team Challenge"
June 2, 2007

Today was the annual (I didn't know annual until this year) "Rocket Team Challenge". It's a competition in which groups of students in High School and Middle School build model rockets that stand about eighty centimeters tall, and launch them on a designated day. I don't know how long the project actually lasted (when it started) because I was 'drafted' into service about two weeks before the launch date. The information on this project as well as the results from the launch can be found here.

Family Matters
April 12, 2007

Due to the passing of my beloved Aunt Joanne yesterday morning around 3:00 AM, I have once again seen the strength of the family in hard times. We were all around her bed with her until early in the morning wanting to be with her, and with each other at this fateful time. She passed later on that day with her two sons after a brief lung illness. I know that we will all miss her very much and I am thankful for the experiences that I have had with her and all of the great things that she brought out in my family and me. I'll always remember her and things she did for us as well as the rich memories that she left us with. Rest in peace; and thank you Aunt Joanne.

Joanne C. Allis

December 19, 1923 - April 11, 2007

New York State MathCounts
March 23, 2007

Well, I don't remember exactly when it was but some time earlier in the month my, school's math team and I traveled to Albany, just happening to be the place where I spent the earliest year of my life (that I can remember). Anyway, so we got there around 6:30 PM and then went out to eat, had food at some place that I can't remember the name of and went back to the hotel and slept, contrary to my plans to stay up late with my ahem, associates, thought they had other plans for sleep. Saturday morning I wake up, last of course, and travel to the college where it's held (after shower/ect...). After that I don't remember and if I did then I wouldn't be allowed to disclose it anyway but in the overall ranking of people in New York state, I was about the 9th level from the top. About the best thing about it was being able to see my dad- who just happens to live there. Overall, fun trip- got to get out of Syracuse (not that there's anything wrong with it...) and participate in a highly esteemed contest. Maybe someday I'll take my camera with me on my trips.

Onondaga County MathCounts
February 13, 2007

February 11, 2007 I participated in an Onondaga County MathCounts competition. I must admit that I have no clue whether it was actually the competition for the entire county of Onondaga but if my memory serves me from last year then it is the entire county. Any who it consisted of three/four rounds. The first one gave you thirty math questions to solve in the time frame of forty minutes. Now these we're easy questions, there was stuff in there that made no sense (to me of course) and by the time that time was up, I'd only answered about half of the questions, of that I imagine that I'd only answered about two thirds of them right (for anyone doing the math- ten questions). Anyway, next came another round which gives you eight questions, two per sheet of paper which makes four sub-rounds. Finally after a twenty minute break, we would work together as a team (the four of us) and solve a packet of ten questions. All together these questions were really hard and I'm quite sure that I'm not the only person who thinks so because as it turns out, I came in second overall of the individual part of the competition (rounds one and two). Because of this, I along with nine other people went to a "count-down" round where we were pitted against each other in rounds of questions where we must answer three questions. I could go into way more detail but I really don't have the time for it and so I'll just say that I ended up going against, first someone from my school on the math team and then against someone from Manlius Pebble Hill, he who came in first. Anyway I ended up beating them both and thus I was dubbed first place. I'm told that this 'achievement' was put on the morning announcements for my school, though because I'm never there in the morning (for various reasons, all related to education) I have no proof of this. Regardless, on March 10, 2007 I, along with four other people will be traveling to Albany for the state championship. So, due to the efforts of my school's team and me, we are able to travel to the state competition for MathCounts. Later when legal, I will put the link up for the questions on the different rounds of the three hour long test.

New Sub-Site Planned
February 1, 2007

Recently on my IM I got back to talking with one of my friends who had moved to a differnet state some time back earlier this school year- anyway I got talking with him and low and behold we started on the topic of trans-dimensional wormholes. Wow, advanced topic but I'm happy that at least one of my friends is willing to talk to me about it and that they actually understand the topic and we have a good time tossing around subects and stuff. Anyway, I have no clue when the site is actually going to go up but I do know that I'm working on it now and that it will, when finished have a link from this site to it on the DIRECTORY under Sub-sites. Please be advised that this site may take a long time to write considering that the first article that We're putting up on it will be about the ten dimensions that M-Theory calls for. Anyway, expect 'post-traffic' on this site to be much slower than normal (what normal?) because I'm busy putting together another website. Thanks and best wishes.

New HOMEPAGE rendition finished
January 12, 2007

Finally I've finished the new homepage rendition. I actually had this planed for completion on January 1, but I had problems with my computers and I wasn't able to get them up and running until after January 1 (I think the third). Anyway, I'm going to work on the sub-pages from now and add information to this main page when something new comes up. Thank you for visiting my website.

New The Amazing Space rendition finished
January 12, 2007 closed
December 1, 2006

I took a look at my website a couple days ago and decided that I should begin the long process of rewriting everything. I hope to completly rewrite all of my webpages and re-organize them. Due to this bookmarks will have to be changed and the site will be closed from December 1, 2006 until January 1, 2007.



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