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Calculus III (NYU)
prof. Matthew Leingang, Ph.D.

The course makes good use of what the internet has to offer, by way of a website/program called "WebAssign" which is essentially an online auto-grader service. In addition to providing practice for computational problems, WebAssign also provides (occasional) links to videos/walkthroughs on how to solve problems, additional practice problems, and always has a link to the specific textbook section about the problem (in e-book form).

Selected Homework
31 January
7 February
14 February
21 February
28 February
6 March — Note that for number 3, part (d) answers are -1 and 1, not DNE.
27 March
10 April
1 May
7 May

  • Stewart, James. Essential Calculus: Early Transcendentals. Mason: OH: Thomson Brooks/Cole, 2008. Print.

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