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Computational Thought (NYU)
prof. Dennis Shasha, Ph.D.

'Course FRSEM-UA 385' is a freshman-oriented seminar taught by Professor Dennis Shasha Ph.D. that focuses on the importance of computational technology and algorithms in today's society. The course aims to teach the attendee about the history of computers, the logic and mathematics behind them, the intricacies of programming, and finally to introduce the attendee to the exciting new frontiers of the field.

Linked below is a selection of notes I have typed up on the weekly homework assignments. Included are the lecture/class notes I produced while functioning as the 'scribe'—a duty assigned to each member of the class approximately two times per the semester. (The duty of scribe, in essence, entailed taking highly detailed and informative notes for the day, to be distributed to our peers.)

One of my peers started a website to act as a repository of scribe notes and presentations. To get a better feel for the class (and material) than this, my website, can reasonably grant, check it out at

Selected Homework Notes
Scribe Notes
20 September 2011
1 November 2011
A complete catalogue of the notes taken can be found here
Programming Stuff
Class presentation
Louis Qualls Presentation

  • Shasha, Dennis, and Cathy Lazere. Natural Computing: DNA, Quantum Bits, and the Future of Smart Machines. New York, NY: W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., 2010. Print.
  • Shasha, Dennis. The Puzzling Adventures of Dr. Ecco. 1988. Mineola, NY: Dover Publications, Inc., 1998. Print.

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