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Physics I (NYU)
prof. Kyle Cranmer, Ph.D.

'Course PHYS-UA 91' is what I would deem to be the standard first-year, first-semester Physics course. It focuses on the concepts of kinematics, forces, mechanical energies, and momentum (both linear and angular) [according to the syllabus, itself]. I have noticed that it deals heavily with the concepts of the momentum, angular momentum, and energy principles—often explaining how these concepts and the formulae supported by them can be used to solve many kinematics problems.

One part of the homework due for this class is the writing of what are known as "reading memos" in which the student gives a brief overview of the assigned reading followed by any questions or comments. I will post select reading memos here, along with any chapter summaries I may write.

Also, in the interest of having a somewhat eclectic collection of Physics I work posted, I will type-up and post the occasional homework assignment that I do for the class.

Reading Summaries etc.
Matter & Interactions. Chapter One
— A brief, non-professional reading summary of the first chapter of the assigned textbook 'Matter and Interactions'. I was originally planning on typing up one of these for each chapter that I read; however, it proved to be simply too much work.

Reading Memo: Falling Bucket Problem
— My summary (even less formal than the one above) of the 'Falling Bucket Problem'. A very interesting mental exercise concerning the complications of 'actual' physics problems happening in the real world—as compared to those that happen in physics textbooks and on paper. The original article by prof. David Hogg Ph.D. can be found here (worked as of 29 October, 2011).

Reading Memo: M&I. Chapter IV
— A slight, short reading summary of Chapter IV. I noticed that the chapter dealt with a lot of things that were not covered in high school physics (how to better understand tension; compression/the 'Normal' force) and attempted to make special note of them.

Reading Memo: Special Relativity. Chapters II & III

Homework Problems/Assignments
Spirograph : Due 4 October 2011
— The final hand-written page associated with the above assignment can be found here.

Worksheet Number Two

  • Chabay, Ruth, and Bruce Sherwood. Matter & Interactions I: Modern Mechanics. 3rd Edition. Danvers, MA: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2011. Print.

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